From Rdio to Xamarin

Published on Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Last week I gave a talk on Vernacular at MonkeySpace in Boston. As Wednesday concluded, so did my last day at Rdio after nearly two years. In that time I had the pleasure of working with very bright people on creating the best streaming music service available on Mobile, Web, and Desktop.

From the introduction of the Windows Phone app, to the launch of the new Android app, Rdio 2.0 for Web and Desktop, and finally the Android and iOS refresh betas, Rdio has been and will always be close to my heart. I wish everyone at Rdio the best -- keep on being excellent!

I originally intended to simply take a few weeks of vacation time after leaving Rdio to focus on Cat Overflow, beer drinking, and cycling (funemployment!), but after spending a long weekend in Florida for a wedding, I find myself headed back to Boston. A simple Monday and Tuesday at home in Raleigh is all I’ve afforded myself in terms of vacation, since today I start at Xamarin!

While I’m determined to actually take some real vacation in the near future, I was enticed to join Xamarin as soon as possible to begin bootstrapping work on an exciting new product. I'm looking forward to working with new and familiar faces!

Perhaps I’ll start blogging again as well, after nearly two years of silence. I certainly owe a follow-up post about Vernacular. For starters, here are slides from my talk last week, cats included. Video of the talk should be up at MonkeySpace soon as well.

Vernacular Slide