Banshee: and the second alpha rolls along

Published on Wednesday, March 26, 2008

After just under two weeks of hard work, I hereby present Banshee 1.0 Alpha 2!

The Banshee logo

We're going to be cranking out the releases leading up to the final 1.0 release every one to two weeks, so get used to this!

A Public Screening

You might be wondering what we can accomplish in two weeks? How about full video management and playback?

Banshee 1.0 Alpha 2: All about the video
Banshee 1.0 Alpha 2: all about the video

While the feature is very new, it's rather complete and solid. We expect to add more goodies on top of this, and I'm sure much bug fixing and tweaking will follow, but I'm quite excited to have finally landed this. We were able to very easily add the video library management by leveraging the power of our new underlying data model.

We will be adding a slick new video collection view in the future to allow you to browse and view your video collection with thumbnails and previews.

Other notable improvements

A number of other smaller features and bug fixes landed in Alpha 2, including:

  • Play Count, Skip Count, Last Played, and Last Skipped columns are updated
  • Improved column handling in the new list view
  • The Bookmarks extension was ported to the new core
  • i18n works again
  • Improved support for dark GTK themes

For more details on the video support and other changes since Alpha 1, read the release notes. Also don't forget to read about the previous release which has lots of new juicy feature overviews if this is your first time reading about the Banshee 1.0 alpha releases.


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